Choose Your Journey

1 min readJan 6, 2021


Helping brands adapt to current customer needs

Personalized Playables

With everything happening in our world, user behaviors are changing. Understanding this change is challenging, and not knowing which products to offer your customers can lead to missed conversions. Brands can adapt to this change by allowing their audience to choose what type of content, or value proposition, speaks to them the most during these strenuous times.


Leverage your existing video assets to craft highly compelling personalized playable content via a “choose your own adventure” interface. Make your videos interactive with no coding experience required.



Postmates wants to know what type of food their customers want to order at any given time and serve a relevant ad. How can you message to your audience in an engaging way to let them know Postmates has the option they are looking for?


Give users the ability in that exact moment to pick what type of food speaks to them most.

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