Case Study: Game Hive

The Objective

Oct 8, 2020

Game Hive is a leading developer of mobile games for iOS and android. Some of their popular titles include Tap Titans, Beat the Boss, and Tap Tycoon.

With playable vendors, Game Hive ran into recurring industry challenges, including long turnaround times and inflexible CPUs that didn’t couldn’t meet the scalable volume in the same way static and video ads could.

The Solution

Craftsman+’s self-serve playable builder provided Game Hive the solution they were looking for. The team produced more than 50 playable ads with various popular game mechanics in just a month’s time.

The Results

CPU dropped by 90% and met internal ROAS goals.

The Proof

“Craftsman+ was able to bring down the cost per playable ad by an astounding 90%. For the first time ever since running playables, we’ve been able to produce ad units that meet and in some cases exceed our lofty ROAS goals.” — Brett Jones, User Acquisition Manager

View the full case study here: Case Study: Game Hive




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