Case Study: Bon Appétit

The Objective

Bon Appétit is a widely popular American food and entertainment magazine owned by global mass media company, Condé Nast. Subscribers of the magazine gain access to exclusive recipes, cooking tips, restaurant recommendations, and more.

In efforts to leverage great existing content for a holiday campaign, Bon Appétit sought out the playable format to give users a quiz-like interactive ad experience to find the right recipe for the holidays.

Craftsman+ created the holiday quiz concept and produced a lead-in video and playable ad for Bon Appétit. The “Cookie Swap Quiz” guides users through personality questions that match them to a holiday cookie, largely reminiscent of the quizzes you find flipping through the pages of a real magazine.

The lead-in video, a 7 second video that precedes the playable ad running on Facebook, entices users by showcasing the four different cookies the users might choose. The playable itself has users clicking through a handful of fun questions like, “What is the best season?” and “Which ingredient would you take with you on a desert island?” The end card reveals the cookie the user matches with, a fun description, and a CTA prompting users to subscribe to Bon Appétit. The playable itself stays true to the Bon Appétit brand while giving users a fun and engaging way to taste the content before subscribing.

Bon Appétit Lead-In Video and Playable Ad

View the lead-in video and playable ad HERE

Bon Appétit saw incredible results through the lead-in and playable ad format. This holiday playable lowered their CPA (cost per subscription) by 51%!



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